Remote Work Guides

Playbooks built on experience to supercharge your success working remotely.

Skeptic's Guide

Does remote work even make sense outside certain speciality industries? Is it a fad? Does it work? How do we know? What about privacy and professionalism? Can you do it long-term?

Manager's Guide

How do you create buy-in for a remote work experiment? How can you transition into allowing people to work outside the office without creating unfair team rules? What do you need to change to support remote workers? What are the challenges, and how do you overcome them?

Personal Guide

Build the discipline and systems needed to be successful no matter where you work.

Working from home is a skill, and you can improve this skill to get a remote job over other candidates. Build your remote career.

My Goal

My goal is to provide the opportunity for more people to work from where they want to.

These playbooks will maximize your success when working remotely, whether success is defined by your work/life balance, productivity, or just understanding what remote work is and isn't.


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